CLIENT : an individual having made an order of SERVICES and being the contract holder.

CONTENT : all components such as text, images, audio, video, programs and in general, all information of any kind made available online through the Internet by means of the SERVERS. The CONTENT includes, in particular, all the components of the website or websites placed online by the CLIENT, including components provided by third parties, such as the users of such website(s), by any means whatsoever (discussion forum, blogs, etc.).

CONTRACT : a set of contractual documents consisting of the present Terms and Conditions and any other document that refers to these Terms and Conditions.

SaadHoster : refers to Saadgeo Inc., as the provider of the SERVICES, located at Misjonsveien 39, 4024 Stavanger, Norway and which can be reached by telephone at:

NO: +47 47270475
FI: +358 465730085

SERVERS : secure hardware platform administered and maintained by SaadHoster at its premises, to which the CLIENT will be able to transfer the CONTENT via the Internet for public use. SaadHoster’ servers are located in France and Canada.

SERVICES : the services offered by SaadHoster to CLIENTS, including the supply of the following services and any other related service:

E-mail hosting;
Domain names;
Various website hosting solutions accessible to the general public through the Internet network by means of the SERVERS, including, among others, shared hosting services, shared web hosting resellers plans, dedicated server hosting, virtual dedicated server hosting, online shop hosting, and any other service of the same kind, which may be provided by SaadHoster;
The use of the website: (the ”website”)

ARTICLE 2 | Acknowledgment and acceptance of the contract

2.1 The use of the SERVICES by any CLIENT implies acceptance of the CONTRACT.

ARTICLE 3 | Application and opposability of the terms and conditions

3.1 The CONTRACT applies to the SERVICES. Any provision imposed by the CLIENT conflicting with the terms will be void and of no effect unless specifically agreed to by SaadHoster, regardless of the time at which it may have been brought to SaadHoster’s knowledge.

3.2 No provision of the present CONTRACT, even if not applied, shall be interpreted or construed as a waiver of SaadHoster’s right to rely upon the same on future occasions.

3.3 If any provision of this CONTRACT is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, its ineffectiveness will not affect the remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

ARTICLE 4 | Description of the services

4.1 SaadHoster makes technical assistance available to the CLIENT in connection with the SERVICES by email, Live Chat and through the member space. All means of communication are displayed on this link:

4.2 ​SaadHoster will offer 24/7 access but is unable to guarantee such access due to the nature of the network.


4.3 SaadHoster provides technical support to guarantee the quality of the services it provides to its customers. Technical support does not include problems resulting from the fact that the customer is using one of the external programs incorrectly,

ARTICLE 6 | Prohibited activities

6.1 All Saadhoster services without exception are not and will not be authorized for illegal use.

6.2 Volate the legal rights of others (Publishing of private information about a person without their consent, Violation of intellectual property rights, Report information that is harmful to people, official bodies, personal institutions, or businesses).

6.3 It is prohibited to store or distribute files in violation of the laws.

6.4 The CLIENT may not use the SERVICES to host any one of the following on its website:

  • website related to content sharing/video streaming on any shared hosting services
  • matters related to racism
  • matters that are excessively violent
  • pro-terrorist websites
  • websites violating any applicable law
  • peer to peer software

6.7 The use of or encouragement to use any of the prohibited program activities will result in the termination of the service.

6.8 If the customer is not sure that a violation of the terms of use can be committed, contact SaadHoster to confirm it.

ARTICLE 7 | Domain Name

7.1 The following domain names may be provided free of charge with an annual hosting plan: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .fr, .be, .ch, .ca, .eu. The other domains require annual fees. Prices applicable to domain names are listed on the following web page:

7.2 The CLIENT owns all rights in connection with its domain name chosen from SaadHoster. SaadHoster will transmit to the CLIENT upon written request an authorization code in order to transfer the domain to another service provider.

7.3 After receiving an order for a domain name from the CLIENT, SaadHoster submits an application for registration to the concerned register. SaadHoster has no control over the domain availability, and may not be held responsible if it becomes unavailable or if specific conditions for its registration are required.

7.4 The CLIENT undertakes to notify SaadHoster no later than 30 days following any incident related to its domain name. Should the CLIENT fail not notify SaadHoster on a timely basis, SaadHoster will not be held responsible for any loss of the domain name or for all damage that may result therefrom.

The CLIENT, by registering a domain name with SaadHoster or transferring a domain to SaadHoster, agrees to the Terms of Service of our Registration Agreement.

ARTICLE 8 | Confidenciality and Personal Information

8.1 The CLIENT shall consider as confidential, for the duration of SERVICES and after their expiry, the information, documents, systems, know-how, formulations, or any data from SaadHoster that may have been known to him/her at the time of performance of the CONTRACT, and shall not disclose them to any third party nor use them outside of the requirements of the CONTRACT.

8.2 SaadHoster undertakes to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the physical protection of data entrusted by the CLIENT.

8.3 All employees of SaadHoster have signed employment contracts which include a confidentiality provision and a non-disclosure provision with respect to the information transmitted by the CLIENT, including any personal information.


8.4 The CLIENT expressly agrees that SaadHoster shall transmit the required information (i.e the CLIENT’s postal and telephone details) to SaadHoster’s business partners, including Afilias, Afnic, Arin, CIRA, cPanel, DnsBe, Eurid, ICANN, Ldns, Ripe, Switch, Verisign, Your public Interest registry, in order to provide the SERVICES. It is understood that these business partners may change and that the CLIENT agrees that the personal information as referred to in this paragraph may be transmitted to any other business partner.